"Get a little

help from

your Daddy"

As easy as . . .
Depress thumb latch,
and slide jaws open.
Compress jaws around
mattress at knee level.
Lift mattress with one
hand and steady with the other.




You can grip the softest of pillow-top mattresses and the Mattress Daddy will not poke through even the thin type plastic wrap.

Pros can use the Mattress Daddy on mattresses up to 15 inches thick. The Super Mattress Daddy for even thicker mattresses up to 21 inches thick.


Yes, you can grip box springs just as easily as mattresses.

The Mattress Daddy is contructed of hardened steel. high-impact plastic and non-marring, industrial-grade rubber so it can grip hard objects if needed.

And don't forget corrugated boxes. The Mattress Daddy® can grip boxes up the UPS and USPS maximum of 70 lbs as long as one dimension is between 4.75" and 13.5" (12.1 cm - 34.3 cm). The Super Mattress Daddy can grip up to 19.5" (49.5 cm), for even larger boxes.

Carry those heavy boxes like a suitcase and give your back a break! The Mattress Daddy® will also be sold under the trademark Fast Handle for the specific use on corrugated boxes.



Most modern mattresses are rigid enough so only one person has to steady the mattress and the person in front can walk forward holding the mattress with one hand.

This means the person in front doesn't have to walk backwards down the stairs and can even hold the handrail for safety.

For Professional Movers

Don’t be misled by the “cute” name and the use of non-professional movers in our photos and video. The Mattress Daddy® was designed specifically for the professional who moves mattresses on a daily basis. We expect non-professionals will also use the product, most likely in a rental scenario similar to renting a furniture dolly to move a refrigerator, but be assured the Mattress Daddy® is a tool for the professional.

The Mattress Daddy® is constructed of hardened steel, high-impact plastic and non-scuffing hard rubber for years of day-in, day-out service. The gripping cups can be quickly replaced with a simple snap-out, snap-in if they ever become worn.

We also could have designed it with a pleasing, contoured shape but instead note that all the members, even the handle are all based on an I-beam design, which provides the highest strength to weight ratio possible. We admit the Mattress Daddy® isn’t pretty but neither is a pipe wrench. Both are designed to do an industrial job and both are built for industrial use.


Reducing Back Strain

Worker's compensation insurance carriers agree that “Back injuries are the leading type of workplace injuries and contributor to workers compensation losses. Employers are constantly faced with the challenge of reducing the impact of back injuries on their companies.” We feel there is no question the Mattress Daddy® is a tool for the professional which can have such an impact.

We have testimonials from doctors and back specialists but the employee who does the work is the real expert and no one will disagree with the obvious. It is much easier on your back to lift a 40 lb suitcase when you are standing straight up with an arm extended straight down versus lifting the 40 lb end of a King mattress with bent arms extended in front of you. The Mattress Daddy® lets you support the weight of a mattress just like you were carrying a suitcase.


Professional Tips from the Field

The Mattress Daddy® is just being released in the summer of 2007 after two years of development and trials in the field, but we are eagerly looking forward to hearing back from our customers as they figure additional uses for the product in their day-to-day usage. We welcome any feedback from customers by dropping us an e-mail as shown at the bottom of this page.

Tip of the Month

When small stairs, elevators and tight turns make it nearly impossible to get a large mattress up a couple of flights, simply attached a couple of Mattress Daddy’s® with ropes to one side of the mattress and lift it straight up and over a railing.


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